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Strathearn Landing

Strathearn Landing is a midrise mixed use building designed for a 0.62 acres site at the corner of 87 Street and 95 Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. 

The building is one of 20 buildings to be built on a 8.93 hectare site that was approved for redevelopment to create a comprehensive transit oriented mixed use urban village to replace 500 rental units with 2,000 residential units and commercial development to support the recently completed Strathearn Light Rail Train station. 

The project includes a host of environmental design considerations including a waster to energy facility to generate electricity and heat to be used to centrally heat all 20 buildings. The heat is to be distributed in a District Heating System. 

The building has been designed to achieve exceptional energy efficiency, and superior thermal comfort. The building will demand as much as 90%  less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings. The design exceeds LEED, and Passive House Targets. 

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