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Olympic mall

For decades, malls have shaped our lives in an imaginable way because they were not designed to look attractive to be destinations in themselves to the point of majority of the malls being a big block without openings. They were recognized by their size, and the sea of vehicles in the parking lots. . The tenants were the attraction. 


Now that e-commerce is eating up to 15% of the total retail sales malls now require more thoughtful (re)design to attract consumers for their tenants or else they will be largely empty.  

It is one thing to learn design principles, and it is another to use principles like the GESTALT principles, geometric shapes, repetition, simplification, positive and negative space to be the pivot of a design project.  

The project used the Olympic rings as the basis of design. The interlocking Olympic rings represent the continents of the world. They reflect a world bonded together by Olympism. The symbol is one of the most recognized logos and simplified. However, in creating the form of this project, the Olympics logo was further simplified and subjected to some of the Gestalt  principles to create interlocked buildings and a system of positive and negative spaces. 

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