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We say, '"cut one's coat according to one's cloth." In architectural design, I use that metaphorical phrase to imply that my actions should suit the circumstances, and resources available to me on specific project. 

As such, my projects are the outcome of the perfect balance between the client's needs, wants, budget, my abilities, site conditions, current design trends, technology, code, and municipal regulations. 


What architects and planners do


Architects and planners conceptualize, plan, and develop designs for the construction and renovation of buildings, large sites, neighborhoods, and entire sections of cities.

Architects and planners use specialist knowledge and high-end drawing skills to design buildings and cites that are functional, safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Architects and planners use 3D modelling to plan and showcase design intent to clients. 3D modelling enables architects, and planners to improve concept creation, visualization, and presentation of ideas.


3D visualization

2D drafting and 3D modelling are no longer sufficient tools to communicate design intent. Architects and planners are required to visually communicate design intent and beautifully with realistic elements and details.

Architects and planners use 3D visualization as the last mile to add fine-tuned embellishments such as greenery, lighting, cars, animals, and people, to bring an enriched and engaging experience to architecture and its surrounding landscape.

Between working long and hard, being challenged by contractors, plans examiners, and difficult clients, and the need for very high-end computing, it is a common place for design studios to outsource 3D visualization.

What we do

My studio brings together specialists with skills in design, creativity, photography, mood, composition, confidence, symmetry, structure, and communication to service architectural and planning studios. The specialties are equipped with high end computing toys, software, and work in an environment that stimulates creativity to help you inspire, communicate and sell your designs with detailed environments, architectural rendering, objects, and embellishments.


Design Philosophy

Human nature is very complex, we like opposites in equal proportions. Like the color wheel, we are fascinated with how opposites complement each other. We continue to hold on to our past as we advance.

We are fascinated with minimalism, and classic architectural styles in equal proportions. We believe that one style gave birth to the other. We like to experiment juxta positioning the two styles in ways that are meaningful to the environment.

Produce high end imagery

Using advanced modeling, texturing, and lighting tools we create and deliver photo realistic imagery, giving your customer a better experience of their future environment and investment.


Accommodate changes instantly

We deploy software that gives us the speed and flexibility to perform fast iterations and countless variations to meet tight timelines in between iterations.


Immerse clients in their space

We enable you to invite your clients to experience their designed environment both virtually and emotionally. Our visualizations embellish down to the smallest detail.

You are welcome to view some of the featured projects below.

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Fred Nyanzi

Tel: 587 882 7355

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